Choose a Quality Relationship to Grow Your Broker and Referral Business

Get the backing you need as a broker with Transcend Commercial Capital’s referral and broker program. Our dedicated professionals are ready to assist you with your lending needs and build your business. Working with us means having a long-lasting relationship that offers protection and excellent benefits.

Knowledgeable Staff

Work with our knowledgeable staff who has the skills necessary to help with your funding needs. For those enjoying the high-quality relationships we continually use with our referrals and brokers, you may want to think about hiring on. Our salespeople embody the following characteristics:

  • Friendly—People enjoy your outgoing personality.
  • Funny—Client relationships benefit from humor.
  • Confident—You believe in your abilities and withstand rejection.
  • Organized—Stay on track to guide clients through the process.
  • Motivated—A drive toward responsibility and task completion.

Funded Agreements

Working with Transcend Commercial Capital allows you several advantages for your transactions such as protection. Regardless of project size, we offer our referrals and brokers excellent referral fees and commissions for those we fund. We value the relationships we have with our referrals and brokers, working hard to put their needs first. Refer clients to us that come back again and receive a reciprocal referral.

Employee Advantages

For those with a desire to jumpstart their career at Transcend Commercial Capital, there are many advantages to our numerous sales positions. If the above personality traits sound like you, our company offers our employees:

  • The ability to work with other skilled professionals who can help you meet your client’s financing needs
  • A commitment toward career and future enrichment opportunities
  • Excellent commissions in exchange for dedicated, hard work
  • An opportunity to work where they are
  • Necessary resources and versatile lending capabilities to quickly turnaround loan funding

Become a commercial finance consultant or salesperson at Transcend Commercial Capital by calling or emailing us today for an interview. Or take your referral business up a notch by calling Transcend Commercial Capital to get started in our referral and broker program and see how we can work together.